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Can we please get a sticky that will explain all of TF’s pathfinding and signalling limitations? This is a topic that’s showing up literally everywhere all the time.

Here, let me get you started, the following are limitations of the pathfinding system that I have ran into, feel free to add and modify this, as I’m sure I could be wrong.

  1. One line per platform on multiplatform terminus stations
  2. Two platforms per line on intermediate multiplatform stations
  3. Trains cannot and will not use empty platforms under any circumstances, they will only use the platforms they have been assigned
  4. Paths, once calculated, are set and are not altered throughout the game (subject to signaling and track alterations)
  5. Trains do not overtake, it is impossible to create a siding for slower trains to wait, as the pathfinding system will gravitate to the outmost track*

* this of course can be altered by running non-electrified and electrified track side by side, but this list isn’t about workarounds, just limitations