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It is i.m.o. time for some good YouTube tutorial video’s made for the English speaking game community. Such tutorials already exist for the German speaking community. The unique and well designed TF signal system is easy to understand.. if you know how it works. In fact are Train Fever railroad signals not signals but by yourself placed triggers to launch the advanced pathfinding duties done by the a.i. at your service. The most signals are invisiable, already automatically placed by the a.i. when you connect railroad tracks with your station, depots or on switches when you create these.

The most of the signals, placed by gamers not yet understanding how simple but refined the TF train guidance system works, are not needed. Unneeded signals disrupt many times the good working of the routes guiding system. Below you can see a picture of a terminal station that I have created. Two lines (blue and black) are ending there, both along their own platform. I don’t have placed exit or entrance signals at the platform ends.. they are not needed in this game. I don’t have placed a signal at the depot exit.. they are not needed in this game. One, just ONE signal (number one and bi directional working) is needed to assist the game a.i. with its flawless work at this location is manual placed by meself. The task of the other manual placed signal (number two being a one way signal) is to create the left sided one way track. The right side one way track is created by a one way signal built at a spot close near the station of a neighbouring city. That is all.. in fact is my track and signal design very simple.