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I think the number of trains is just fine for a non expationpack game… but with a expansion i want to be able to choice train i steed if just having one that is the best. Having compeating traits like low cost vs low maintanens, high speed vs high pullingpower and so on.

I think the game is more simular to Transport tycoon than Locomotion, and i miss a lot of things from locomotion.  What i really miss is modular stations. In Trainfever it could be really cool makeing station that is in a turn, or a terminus station, a multi level station (like Berlin station), or a underground one.

Underground corssings am i missing to (is it possible?)

The signaling interface is to me confusing. Its not quite clear.

A autsolution to conflict problem when the trains get stuck up (front to front for example).

A block line vehicle switching system.

What i really want to is scenarios. Sounds kind of silly, but i want a more organized map with specific problems to solve. The reandom maps dont give me the same forfilling as a scenario map. I really loved the locomotion scenario maps. It could be a community effort.

The time and economic system needs some tweeking to…

Some additional economics. I realy want there to be a possibility to push retch. Where you can for example found a international project and then get top of the line engines and cars in steed of the standard ones. This would be a great way to expand the library of trains

The game is good, but it feels like a little of a half a game, yes its cheep, but its still the point. It basically only have sandbox mode.