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I’m still running into issue.  Example-

I’m running one of the mods that makes you take ore, and coal to a steel plant. From steel plant to Steel to good plant. After that I have them running to 5 different towns.

I’m running very long mixed trains with double headers.. Now I have the trains going in under 9 minutes. I have 4 trains running this line.  The train will maybe pull goods to the first city, but after that I barely get them to take goods to the other 4. The stations are a bit outside of the towns(does this create a problem?)  Also my industry will produce up to 136, and then immediately will say “line usage- NO” and cut production instantly until a train comes back. The production will still decrease rapidly.  I’m kinda stuck on what to do. Also playing further than the 40’s makes it really touch on trains competing with personal cars.