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Which bridge is nice?  There are quite a few bridges in that picture 🙂  The curved bridge in the foreground which is part of a flying junction.  There are two road bridges, the original bridges had to be bulldozed as I could not build level crossings over the roads, as much as I tried I just kept getting “collision”.  Then there are the two skewed rail bridges over the river.  I tried to upgrade the first 2 track bridge to 4 tracks but just kept getting “collision” so ended up having to build the second bridge separately, looks quite good I think.

There is a second flying junction just off the top right of the picture, I have two lines in an ‘X’ shape with this city at the center of the ‘X’.  Originally this was a 2 track station with flat junctions each side however it became congested so I upgraded it to the current arrangement.

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