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Grouping busstops
yes i’m dutch :). Sometimes the game automaticly ‘groups’ stops, first ungroup all stops before you begin grouping. The game groups all stops at the same street automaticly (wish i could turn that off as i do not want that). You can ungroup stops by clicking on the stop signs and click on “ungroup”. The game shoud auto group busstops at crossings AND streets.

Click on a stop at the crossing and in the popup window click the “group” button. When the “group” button is turned blue you can click on another stop to add it to the group. After that you have to select the new group and in the popup you have to repeat the steps to add more stops to the group.

Most cities have 2 lines in my game. But the bigger ones have 3. And the biggest has 4 :). And they are all profitable :).


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