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If you are running Windows on a SSD you should have setup symbolic links in the first place. And right after the windows installation and it boots for the first time. We do this in Audit mode.

All my program files and documents are stored on the HDD drive instead of the SSD. While the OS is running on the SSD. I can still choose to install important heavy programs on the SSD (for faster loading) but you want your temporary files and your downloads and user files on the HDD drive anyway. 1, because you want your SSD lifetime extended (writing a lot on SSD is not a very good idea) and 2, save space.

Here is a good guide for installing Windows 7 on a  SSD while other program files are stored on another drive. This is also a very good practice anyway, even if you do not have an SSD disk. Why? Well when your Windows or the hard disk it is installed on fails to work.. you can easily replace it without losing your personal files and programs. Of course you would have to re-install the programs but must programs will pickup where you were before the ‘crash’.

Because i absolutely hate Windows 8 (i’m on a PC, not a freaking tablet) i do not know how to do this in Windows 8 but i think the routine is the same.

Relocate User folders during Windows 7 installation.pdf

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