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A “replace with” button could be complex to implement. Consider the following questions:

When would you pay for the new vehicle?
What if you don’t have enough money to purchase the vehicle?

I think the biggest issue in road vehicles and their replacements is how long it takes for the vehicles to spread out over the line. At this point it would even be better if the line’s vehicles acted as one and drove to their “spot in the cycle” before all starting the line. This way, a line might take around a month or two to get in place to start, but at least it wont take a year before they are properly spaced. Also I notice no attempt at spacing with industrial road vehicles, they drive around in the same clusters of 3 I assign them to the route in.

If I could replace my line by sending all vehicles on that line to depot for selling, buying the new ones before they get there and putting them on the line all at the same time, and they space themselves out before starting, I’d be happy with that.

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