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Most of these popups have in the upper left corner a tiny white circle with an X in it.

Vehicle: If it is a vehicle the camera warps to where that vehicle is and sticks to the vehicle and you can ride with the vehicle.

Line: The camera zooms back as much as necessary to view the entire line.


I personally do not replace them when they get old. I build more lines instead earning more money compensating for the old/bad vehicles. I replace them later and then I replace all like …

1) Check the current lines frequency value.

2) order all vehicles to depot and sell

3) buy a bunch of new vehicles, launch them, and keep buying till you get the same frequency value.


Problem is when you replace vehicles doing 50 kph with vehicles doing 100 kph. The new vehicles bunch up behind the last of the old vehicles coming in because vehicles in this game do not know how to overtake slow vehicles. This may result in you buying to many of the new ones.

There is a solution though. When you order all vehicles to go to depot and be sold they go to the nearest depot they can find.

So at least on easy mode you can afford to place some extra depots to get the old vehicles out of the way faster.


I don’t like micromanagment and mouse click fests. You should be able to specify the lines standard vehicle. And when you change the standard vehicle the game should bring the old ones in sell them and buy new ones until the line has same transport capacity as before the upgrade.

Another thing I do not like about “go to depot” or “go to depot and sell” is that to me it seems that they just drop everything and go to depot.

They can do that if they are empty. But if they carry valuable goods they could at least finnish the last leg, empty and get paid. If you have a long distance line with a lot of vehicles and they just drop everything it is a lot of revenue lost.

So on long lines I manually bring in the vehicles that are empty. It is a click fest. They need to automate this and have trigger values how worn down a vehicle should be before replacing with an exact copy. I want to focus on management things not sit and click.