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I made my own system that works for me.     It is as follows.

Intercity =   IC-B-City name-#  for instance it would read.   IC-B-HAR-1   That tells me it is intercity bus route 1 for Harwood.      I also use trams, that would read,  IC-T-HAR-1.      For city city I would use..   CC-TR-HAR-DOV-1  That would mean, City-City Train route 1 for Harwood to Dover.          FRT-R-G-HAR  would mean Freight Resource, goods going to Harwood.    FRT-R-O-1  would be Freight Resource Oil route 1.     Just find something that means something for you.

It works for me.    As to the replacing issue, I solved it by having each of the vehicles being replaced every 5 years.   So, 1900 I replace all bus’s, 1905 all trams, 1910 all trains.     Every vehicle of that type gets replaced at the same time, saves time and headaches.   Note: I always replace any line when a new vehicle is on line.  🙂