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Sorry I am posting the list soo late, a few things came up that needed to be resolved.


But here are the locomotives



“Best Friend of Charleston 0-4-0 (1830)

The “American” 4-4-0 (1855)

Mogul 2-6-0 (1863)

“Hudson” Class J3a 4-6-4 (1926) including the “streamlined” version.

No.844/8444 FEF-2 Class (1939) 4-8-4



“No. 1000”  Bo-Bo (1924)

“E Series” A1A-A1A (1937)

EMD GP Series Bo-Bo (1949)

SD40-2 Co-Co (1972)

“Dash 8-40CW”/ C-40-8-W Class Co-Co (1991)



Le-1 class Bo+Bo (1895)

Class S 1-Do-1 (1904)

“Bi-polar”/Class EP-2  1-B-D-D-B-1 (1912)

GG1 Class 2-Co-Co-2 (1934)

AEM7 Class Bo-Bo (1980)


Rail cars/Articulated Passenger Trains


“Will be added at a later date.”



“Eureka” Railcar (1899)

M-300 (1924)

“Pioneer Zephyr” Three-car ver. (1934)

RDC Class (1949)

“DMU” Class (2008)



“Bullet” railar (1932)

KSTL-167 (1939)

“Electroliner” 4 car ver. (1941)

“Metroliner” 2 car ver. (1967)

“Higliner” (1971)


Note: I left out a lot of other famous locomotives and vehicles due to the fact that this is just a test list to see how well we can make these before moving on to more famous and uncommon vehicles .

There will be 200+ locomotives/railcars alone in the full list let alone the tons of trolleys, busses, trucks, etc. to follow.

HOPEFULLY Train Fever is programed to handle this many added vehicles let alone building that will be added.