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 (which I will gladly pay for in DLC).

So you’re suggesting that we all pay out more money for something that should have been included when released? You’re either an idiot who has no value of money or you’re using your parents credit card and don’t care that you’re wasting their money. I’d like to have your money to throw out the window too.

Personally, I value my hard earned money and don’t like throwing it out the window. I already feel that I payed too much for this game and am certainly NOT going to pay out any more for something that should have been included when released.

I’m sure they just love people like you who like to waste their money but most of us work hard for our money and like to get something worth while in return and not expect to pay twice for something.

Either way, the game is far more fun that WoT.

So you’re saying that you think playing this game that has all sorts of problems is FAR more fun than playing Wot that has no problems while playing? Personally, I like games that play well and don’t have problems while playing them. To me, a fun game experience is when I can play a game for hours and not have to deal with lagging, stutters and pauses every 20 seconds. That’s just me and I’m sure others feel the same.

I’m sorry if I sound brutal but when someone is suggesting to pay out more for a game that is incomplete, it means we all would pay out more as well, I have a problem with that. You might like to waste money like this but I don’t. I want to feel as if the money I spent was worth while. again, that’s just me. Others might agree with you. I certainly don’t…