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“, there is a bunch of wood and goods going down the road and the poster just fills in the gaps with successful cargo trains.  Inspired, I once again tried to build a successful cargo system.
However, when I generate my worlds there is no such heavy demand of cargo walking down the roads.  Most industries are producing “0″ of maybe “2″ items and they never seem to grow.  Freight trains never make money.

Is anyone else experiencing this?  I don’t get it.”


It is actually quite easy. Always remember: It is demand driven.

Cities retrieve their demand of goods from the industry that delivers fastest. If another industry can deliver faster than the one you connected, it is the one getting the deal. You can’t boost one industry simply by connecting it, you need to do it in a way its goods can be delivered fastest.

After you generated your world, switch on “cargo view” and watch. Goods will start to travel. Easiest way to get a profitable goods supply line: pick one or several of those routes and connect them. Your vehicles are faster than the KI ones, so yours will prosper. If you also provide passenger service at the target city, it will grow faster, demanding more goods over time.

An industry connected by one of your lines has the ability to grow bigger than the “25” limit the “only KI” ones have, and will if you keep providing the service.

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