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@RAAndre the industries produce on demand in this game.¬†It’s not like Transport Tycoon Deluxe where they always produce some amount.

That means that unless a whole chain is connected then the industry won’t produce anything at all. So for example connect Forest -> Sawmill -> City. Don’t forget the city (unless the goods can walk there themselves within 20 min from the sawmill). As soon as you connect this you should see the line (or many lines if you connect with trucks and trains) being used and production grow steadily to feed the Goods requirement of the town. So if the town demands 43 goods (in the town window) then the Forest will produce 43 wood and Sawmill will produce 43 Goods within a couple of years. But if you did it right growth should start quickly and be obvious (especially at 4x speed).

A good strategy at the start of the game is to find situations where a chain exists (Cargo view) because the industries happen to be close by chance. Then add your lines to replace the cargo walking. This is a good strategy because the demand is already there and you’re not wasting precious time (money) waiting for the industries to ramp up as I explained above. ¬†Remember to use the correct cargo stations! This still catches me out sometimes if I’m doing too many things at once.