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First of all, I’d like to apologize for what I typed to you about this. It was wrong of me and very ignorant of me to type that and was wrong of me to act that way. You don’t have to except my apology but I just want to put it out there anyway.

The game has a very fine selection of vehicles

They may be a ‘fine selection’ to some, but there is not enough of them. For a while in game, the nohab is the only available diesel engine for quite a few years. There is definitely a need for a bigger selection and I, for one, am not about to pay more money for more when they should have been included already. What is in the game now is slim pickens and nowhere near what should be in the game. It’s just not enough for the money I paid for this game.

WoT has a ton of problems that make it just a frustrating chore to play

Really? And what problems might these be? I can play WoT for 30 hours straight and not have any problems like Train Fever has, AND it’s multi-player. I can only play Train Fever for a few hours before the problems make it un-playable. So I’d really like to know what problems you are typing of because I don’t have problems when playing WoT except for the players themselves. There are a lot of morons in that game that make it un-enjoyable and the reason why I quit playing it. But even still, it’s free to play unless you want to pay for gold and other things. That’s your choice. Not like Train Fever that charged me $34.00 to beta test it without my knowledge. And you may not like WG but they didn’t advertise a game as complete when it wasn’t like Train Fever did.

Oh and, WoT doesn’t need community made mods to make it play better like Train Fever does. In Train Fever, you NEED¬†mods like the BM to come close to working correctly and even then it’s BS because he had to lower the amount of cargo each carriage carries to work better. So how is that a good thing? Yes, it may help but it’s not right that it’s needed to make the game work better. I had to do that myself to the railcars I made to have longer trains. Now one of my trains pull out of the station with 16 pieces of cargo in 8 cars instead of 13 pieces in each like it should be. To me, that’s BS. The game is flawed and they charged me $34.00 for this flawed game and I feel like I was ripped off.