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I don’t know if there would be so much to gain from SLI… the game can run pretty well on a moderate GPU, except for the resource loading slowdowns.  If you got SLI running, you’d just have an even smoother framerate in the periods between the slowdowns.

I really think the game just needs a bit of tuning.  A lot of people are crying foul about the developers’ coding, but honestly, the game engine is pretty damned amazing, and I’m staggered how well it runs already considering the scope of what it’s attempting to do… being able to zoom out to see several kilometers of terrain, and instantly zoom right back in to a different town and see the people and garden fences takes some seriously clever coding.  Getting it to do that fairly smoothly even on my laptop blows my mind!

They’re almost there… the performance has already increased hugely since some of the beta lets-play vids from a couple of weeks ago.  A few more tweaks and I reckon it’ll run pretty well across the board.