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Currently you can choose Small, Medium and Large. A medium map have around 15 towns and a large map have around 27 towns.

I really don’t miss anything larger than that. There is really a lot to do. Currently I have 36 hours of game and I never filled a Medium map (didn’t play Large maps for long, just for test). Basically once you connect 3 to 5 towns you start to worry about feeding them with goods and that is a lot of work. Also the network around the cities become complex and you have to worry about signals etc. And then when you take care of that, the towns have much more people and you need to increase capacity. And then high speed tracks are available and you would want to upgrade and setup a TGV for those towns.

I think to fill a large map and say: ok there is nothing to be done anymore, it will take a lot of time. Specially because the cities are growing and the industries production are changing, so you need to adapt to those.

Also I’m able to setup 3 to 4 tram lines for each town. I think that was the same amount I used in Locomotion cities.

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