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@Timbo :

This is, because the industry in this mod works different… A bit “unrealistic” imo, but it gives you a challenge.

The demand for goods is now the key factor, and to create the correct demand, you need to work from the Top (Goods) to the bottom (ressources)

In order to get the industry starting, you need to create the demand. And you create the demand when you create the infrastructure.

i.e. Set up the route where the final goods are being transported to the city… You will have to use empty vehicles for that though, because of the strange way industries calculate the needs in vanilla (most important that strange 20 min factor).

The annoying part (IMO 🙂 )  however, is that you have to create the entire chain before the production really starts. So create the Infrastruktur (Depots and Setup “Lines) for all factories… I’m not fully sure it’s necessary to put vehicles on all of them yet, but I think the infrastructure is enough.

So you need to check for industry in the vicinity to get the goods delivered from A to B in 20 Minutes, and when everything is setup, they start producing. (Normal roads that can deliver without trucks in 20 minutes will be aknowledged from the industry)

You can earn money for that step very good with intercity passengertransport. First busses, then trains.

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