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Have you tried this mod or the cost_mod? My game ran decent and loaded decent. I played a game and got to 1900. I went to bed and left it running to see what it would do. When I got up it was at 2186. It still ran and loaded decent.

I also had this installed on my second drive which is partitioned 4 ways so it was on my F drive and it ran fine.

I heard about these mods and tried them. I installed this Timeless_mod and the cost_mod and after that it took forever to load a savedgame or start a new game. And the game ran very slow in general. Really bad.

I ended up having to reinstall it a few times and then install it on my C drive before I noticed a change back to how it played before. It’s finally playing better now after like 2 hours of screwing with it after using these 2 mods.

Also, now I don’t see the cargos walking anywhere at all. Not even before or after they’re loaded.

I would be careful using them so what happened to me doesn’t happen to you.