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Thanks! In the almost 2 years i played TF (on and off) i never had to deal with this 20 minutes restriction. Very easy to deal with, isn’t it. I am finally confronted with it because of this modded map i’m trying. It has its main industry on top of a mountain and for delivery of raw materials i want to use railway. Nice challenge to get it from the valley to the top of the mountain. Takes a long time of course certainly still in the 19th century.

I got the longest time back to 17 minutes. What i don’t understand is why it works until production reaches 27% and then stops. One would think that if it’s the time restriction why does it work in the first place ?…. So that’s what makes me think that there’s something wrong with this modded map. If that’s possible anyhow…

A truly big challence was also the Grand Canyon map. Got it all working. Great fun!