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I think that the 20 minute rule considers the total time spent for a piece of goods from origin to destination and that includes:

  1. Time from industry to platform in origin (you can see that packets actually “walks” from industry to platform if you turn display of cargo packets on)
  2. Time waiting for the train to arrive.
  3. Travel time.
  4. Time from platform in destination to industry.

So you have to be well under 20 minutes in line frequency to fulfil the requirements.  For instance, a line with a frequency of 19 minutes, accounts on average for a 9 and a half minute wait at origin platform.  And you have to add times in items 1, 3 and 4.

The game probes the chain and when it sees that you aren’t reaching the targets in time, it gets cut off.  Or at least I understand it that way.

Another source can be that if you have automatic replacement turned on, cargo is lost when replacing and that counts towards cutting off a line.