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You can read about the process I used here.

That’s pretty much a very different way of modeling than you’d normally do for something that is less aerodynamic, such as a steam locomotive or a more boxed type of vehicle.

Another idea can be to look at car modeling tutorials, where to grab some edges and extrude to make the silhouette and shape of your vehicle.

Another way can be to start with a basic box and add edge loops where needed to break the box into the shape that’s needed.

I’m rendering a short animation of the steam locomotive I’ve modeled during the past few weeks – I’ll show it in this thread when I’m done. I think it can be brought over to TF with some work to reduce the polycount. It mainly consists of a few geometric shapes

  • A cylinder for the boiler.
  • A box for the drivers compartment.
  • More cylinders and boxes, bent into shape for wheels, rods, pistons etc.
  • A custom curve for the chassis – that’s about the most advanced shape on the entire model.