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Hey cross, if you want to view the default vehicles in max, you’ll need this;

Train Fever Converter (BR146)

This is also what you’ll need to convert them back to use in the game. You’ll want to take note of the orientation of the vehicle. That means what direction it faces forward. Most models being made, when looking in the Top down veiwport, have the front of the vehicle facing upwards. This game does it differently. The vehicles I imported were turned to the right. Can’t tell you why.

What you’ll want to do is create a working folder somewhere like in the scenes folder of max. NEVER edit a default vehicle without copying it somewhere first. This will avoid many problems that can arise from mistakes. Also, familiarize yourself with folder structure TF uses and where everything is placed. This will help when you’ve made something so you’ll know where it goes.

Also, you want to open the default vehicle files to see what it contains. This will help you more to learning what the vehicles uses as for textures and how to place the reference to them. I’m sure notepad would be sufficient but I like and use NoteTab Pro. It has more options for me.

There are other things you’ll need to know but for now, this should do. I can’t answer all questions at once. This is pretty much how I learned, by taking apart other models to how they’re done and editing them.

The converter is easy to use. It uses a .bat file to run the commands. This is what I use to convert default vehicles to import into max – TFC_BR146.exe /make “” MESH OBJ. You would place the filename between the quotes. The .msh file holds the info for the vehicle, the .msh.blob is the model itself and can not be edited in notepad.

So for starters, goto the res folder of TF and search for ‘nohab’. This is a rail vehicle and fairly easy to manipulate and will tell you what files is used and where they are. Next, you’ll want to create the same folder structure in your max ‘scenes’ folder to work with. What I do is, after searching for nohab, you should see one folder named nohab and 13 files. I use WinRar and selected all 13 files, not the folder, it will be included anyway, then use winrar to create a .rar to my desktop but you have to make sure that it creates the folder structure. Mine did it automatically but to be sure, before compressing them, goto the files tab and make sure it shows ‘Store Full Path’ under ‘file paths’. If it doesn’t, you’ll want to change it. After they are compressed, find the .rar file you just made and extract them to the scenes folder to work with.

After you extract them goto the model folder and convert the .msh to .obj and import it into max. Once imported, find the train_nohab.tga in the textures folder and apply it to the model. If you don’t know how, for now just drag it over the model and let go. It should place it onto the vehicle and you should see it with the texture applied to it.

Hopefully I didn’t forget anything but this should help you on your way to modelling. Max is a huge program and has many many features to learn. I’ve been using it for a few years now and still haven’t learned it all. I’m self taught as well so I can’t answer all your question but can help with what I’ve learned.

Good luck…

EDIT If you need specific help with something and I’m not around, you can message me at the German site since this place doesn’t have a way to pm someone. Frickin lame assed forums here. I look here every few days but getting less because I stopped playing this unfinished game that’s in public beta.

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