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That’s just beautiful. You’re the man, so glad you are making dutch trains. What are your next plans?

Maybe you could give the Class V 100 a NS and/or DB Schenker/ Railion skin?

Don’t know the dutch  variant name of this loc, I thought it was the NS6400 but this is a far later model. Do you also plan to model some nice NS trains?

Some nice loc’s: NS1100, NS1200, NS1600, NS1700, NS1800, NS2200, NS6400.

Some nice DMU’s and EMU’s : NS Mat ’24 (Blokkendozen) NS Mat ’34, NS Mat ’35, NS Mat ’36, NS Mat ’40, NS Mat ’46 (Muizeneus), NS Mat ’54 (Hondekop), NS Mat’64, Plan mP, NS SGM (Sprinter), NS ICM(m) Koploper, NS (V)IRM, NS DD-AR, NS DDZ/NID, NS SM ’90, NS DM ’90 (Buffel), NS SLT, Arriva/Veolia Stadler GTW.

Keep up the wonderful work, it’s looking great!!!!