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There are two issues here:

1) If you have two lines on a track and split up the track in front of a station into separate platforms, the game apparently randomly decides which platform the lines get assigned. That could be two separate platforms, but also both ending on the same platform, leaving the other (perfectly accessible) unused.

I think that’s a bug, because the assignment doesn’t follow any recognisable pattern. Both platforms are accessible for both lines, but each time you change something (put certain signals on the track; remove and replace a section on the track), the line is re-evaluated, and gets a platform assigned. Which one, appears to be random.

So if I encounter that problem (two lines using one platform, leaving another one unused), I try removing and re-adding parts of the track somewhere until the lines get distributed onto two separate platforms.

2) The other issue is a strange behaviour on double tracks with switches. If I have a double track with two switches so that trains can get from one track to the other, the game tends to move both lines onto one side of the track, leaving the other one unused. I’m not sure whether this counts as a bug per se, or is simply unintended behaviour or side-effect.