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Henri, i do meet with a few probs when using an intercity bus line which do not occur when using a railway.F.i., it’s the 1930’s era and at the moment freight trucks are much faster than buses. As the TF car drivers have yet to learn that it’s Ok to overtake a slower vehicle it can happen that 3 or more trucks can be seen stuck behind a bus on a pretty long winding country road. That makes me nervous…  😉  ( once faster buses become available that problem will be gone of course )

Another problem is this :

I really feel for those guys…   😉

I have 6 buses running on that intercity bus line now. (frequency is 4 minutes). After a bus has unloaded its last passengers at the bus station of city A and goes on its return trip to city B, after the first and second stop the bus is already totally filled up with passengers… It seems obvious that i need to atleast double the amount of buses but then i see terrible trouble when the times comes to replace all these buses and keep a good seperation between them going. And certainly when 6 or 7 cities are connected this way….

How do you go about keeping queue’s at the stops reasonably and not look like that there’s a rock concert going on at the other side of the road ?….     ( train station platforms can get pretty much filled up as well but once the train has arrived the queue is gone in a second)