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I have the information from the, in the questions and answers more below on that page. About the work place, they could already have modified it and maybe made it already semi-fix (not confirmed). The others though (leasure, shopping) are random. Thanks for your correction, Azrael. 😉


quote, basil on January 26, 2014 at 21:49 said:

Are you simulating people with a fixed residential and work place or are the destinations chosen randomly each time the person shows up in the game?

Each time a person goes to work, shopping or leisure, a random destination within some maximal distance / traveling time is computed. At the moment, it’s randomly chosen each time, but it’s likely that we try to keep the working place constant at least (because in reality the working place stays constant for a long time). The residential place (home building) is constant of course.

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