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Hi douglas. this is not my work this is the cargo list by openttd firs mods. I do not understand what with the whole ones chains is meant. at the moment only one is suggest in this time this is for ideas one would need. I think thats is quite well possible. they would have to play cards be bigger. and the industries appear not all at the same time., besides, which are only in the future from 1950. In 1970. appear at 2000. Aand the dependence and the calculation are absolutely possible. Train fever is in the children’s shoes. and as said it is one, however, work still there.. Maybe for train fever 2. it one had to do for the complexity of the cargo running can be selectet . example at easy industry. fell trees to the sawmill = goods to the city
middle industry. the fitted fell trees from the sawmill to the furniture industry from there in the town.
heavy industry. glass to the glassfactory. glass from the glassfactory to the automobile industry. katchuk from the katchuk plantation to the rubber factory. rubber from the rubberfactory to the automobile factory.
steel and aluminium from the factorys to the automobile factory. Cars from the automobile factory to the automobile delaer in the city. “example”