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Well, thank you for the quick answer Uzurpator. Now, I am very disappointed by this and would like to give my feedback in a calm and reasonable way, hoping that someone will use it to do something good at some time in the future.


First of I don’t accept the performance argument. I don’t believe for a second that the developers were unable to foresee the hardware requirements early during development. At that point they decided to sacrifice map size in favor of other demanding things. I think they made the wrong decision. And here’s why:


There are several types of trains in the real world. Local connections within the same, large city or between smaller towns, regional connections that link the surrounding towns to the largest city in the region, national connections that connect the largest cities of a country and international ones that link metropolitan regions to each other. A TGV or ICE wont stop in Smallville to pick up a handful of people that want to travel 5km to Tinytown. And the local train between Smallville and Tinytown will always stop and wait to allow the TGV between Paris and Orleans to travel at full speed if the decision has to be made. All these things don’t exist if you have only a small region to work with. If the city grid is only 5×5 it doesn’t make any sense to pass by small towns and connect large population centers or something like that. This takes away a huge part of the possible variety of tracks, trains and tasks.


I would like to have different terrain to work with. And I want each terrain to have some space on the map. Imagine having two parts of your company separated by a mountain range (Appalachians, Rockys, Alps) and just later reaching the technological ability to connect them directly. This won’t work on such a small map. You need hundreds or maybe even thousands of kilometers to portrait such a landscape. Undertakings like these have made some of the most interesting stories in railroad history. But it seems this game doesn’t care at all.


The big nothing. Emptiness. Each part of the world has stretches of  land that are way less populated than the surrounding area. Or maybe there’s just a huge body or water or a mountain or a desert or a jungle. Maps this small won’t allow for contrasts like that, or there’s no land left to build on.


OK, that’s it. Call it a rant if you want, but it’s really just my attempt to explain why I am disappointed. I payed 14€ for the game and while I am no rich person I can live with the loss, that’s no problem. I learned that this was a crowd funded thing, so I am still happy I supported it, even if I don’t like it. But I was hoping to find a good railroad manager game for once and I was let down again. Again visuals and extravagant features were given priority above the basics of the genre. I am waiting for quite some time already.