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I totally agree with Pollux. The largest map only covers the area of a small metropolis which is what the small size should be. Large should have four or more “urban centres” that can be connected by regional trains while the “towns” (suburbs) within the centres themselves should be connected with commuter trains. There should also be one or more city centres which could be considered as the central business district of the Urban centre. There should be more of an emphasis between towns and suburbs, where suburbs will grow faster than towns,  or towns that are close to the urban centre will eventually convert to suburbs and become part of the greater metropolitan area of that centre. Maybe have a maximum distance from urban centre where any town outside of that range will always be just a town and never convert to a suburb. Also, high rise buildings begin in the centre and slowly spread outwards, maybe never reaching the outer suburbs. You know, like actual cities.

They really need to optimise the game before this can happen. The current large map needs to be able to perform with thousands of vehicles like the the current smallest map does with few vehicles. Most people here have more than one CPU core, let’s use as many cores as possible, that would be a good starting point.