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I agree with the OP about the fact that the performance is ridiculous. THE BIGGEST FLAW in this game is the fact it does not make use of hyperthreading, therefore, ALL multicore CPUs will have trouble handling it once you get anywhere near busy. Most of us cannot even dream of using the games ‘large’ map, never mind anything bigger!

However, this is also NOT Train Simulator and to expect realistic layouts is mad. Even on the largest map size, the real world would have one, maybe two branch or commuter lines, that’s it. We all stuff in several including multimillion dollar HST networks and it all works and makes a profit!

I did make a reasonable line on a medium map the other day, had 7 towns with only three of them being served by a HST line and the rest by a commuter line. Looked and worked great ……….. until the lag and drop in frames made it unusable.