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Most of the issues people identify are with the UI.  It is a bit clunky but the game itself is great.  Alot of people refer to features they would like to see, or things that don’t work the way they want as “bugs”.  An actual bug is something I have yet to encounter in my 30 hours of gameplay.  It’s very stable, and despite what you hear, my trains run lie a well oiled machine.

Most of the “bugs” or “glitches” pointed out are not bugs at all, now to pick on Richy…

Buggy industries some produce some don’t … duno why.

This is based on demand, if an industry isn’t producing, it’s because there is no demand within 20 minutes of travel.

Cant have long industrial connections or mixed.  Cant have 2 oil wells supplying one refinary… It just doesn’t work ..

I have very complex freight connections with trains that are almost never empty, I assure you you can have 2 oil wells supply one refinery but that’s not very efficient.

I have no understanding of how the signals work.

Signals work like “home” signals protecting a block of track.  Placed right, trains move flawlessly like clockwork.

the monetry system in this game blows chunks so much..

You mean maintenance cost?  I agree playing hard is almost too hard.  I downgraded to Medium where I have amassed millions with a vast network of passenger and freight service.

Connecting town with passenger trains is a fast track to ruin. Why don’t towns people use the trains?…

My towns have hundreds waiting at the station, you need to use real world hub+spoke networks for buses, trams, trains to get passenger service under 20 min.  An express tram that runs through downtown with spoke buse routes to deliver people to the train station fast.  Then high speed service to neaby towns using nothing but a single line and passing loops is all you need.

still can’t place roads on tracks..  No auto renew of all vehicles.  I don’t really care to much about animated crossings n all .. I just want the bugs fixed.

Those are not bugs, a bug is when something works in a way it was not designed or intended.  Those are UI inconveniences that make the UI a little cumbersome but livable.