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one bug that stands out is that the Open Wagon can carry its capacity of coal AND iron at the same time

Agree, that’s probably something they will patch, but certainly not a game stopper.

Another  thing I noticed that I would call a bug is that the auto spacing of trains

Buses and trucks will space out evenly, providing they are all the same speed.  However, there is no auto spacing for trains, and I’ve never seen it advertised.  Auto spacing of trains is something you don’t want (plus it would take away the enjoyment of signaling).  If a train has “auto spaced” then runs into stop signal or a full unload/load, now you have a late train for no reason that slows down the entire line.  Get your trains under control with signals.  Correctly placed signals will have your trains run like clockwork.  Isn’t track control part of the fun of creating a complex rail network?

I run 4 prototypical lines using single tracks, passing loops, express tracks, and over 30 trains of varying speeds and capacities.  My trains run like a well oiled machine.