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I would not waste your money on this game. I read about the bugs before I bought it and thought,’Well they’re not that bad and it sounds and looks good, so it should be alright’. Boy, was I wrong. I wished I would have waited longer. I don’t even play the game any more cuz it just sucks. It’s been over a month now and now I just come here to see if they fixed anything

The industries are a joke and when you get in the later years, it’s just a terrible gaming experience. The fanboys here will tell you how great it is because you can make mods for the game and all but good mods don’t make up for the wrongs that make it un-enjoyable to play. And I didn’t even mention all the error messages you’ll get when building track and/or roads or anything else

If you’re looking for a sequel to the Transport Tycoon games, I’d suggest you look elsewhere because this isn’t it. The only thing resembling TT are the depots that I can see. This seems more like CimCity gets trains because it surely isn’t Train Fever like the title suggests.

Of course, opinions are like assholes and there are many in this forum which will lead  you to believe how good this game is when it actually blows. You might like running passenger trains tho since it’s not that bad doing that until the lag gets bad. I like cargo trains myself. But in the end, you’ll feel like you have a fever because you’ll get sick of all the problems while playing this game. And YES, it WAS released too soon. I paid $34.00 to beta test this screwed up game.

Good luck on your decision. I hope you’re happy with which one you make….And if you do decide to try it, start reading to figure out how to play it because they have yet to release the game manuals they said that will be released soon after the games release. It’s been 3 months and still no manuals, game or modding.

Oh yeah, play SpinTires instead. It’s a lot more fun driving thru the mud…