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However, there is no auto spacing for trains, and I’ve never seen it advertised.  Auto spacing of trains is something you don’t want (plus it would take away the enjoyment of signaling).  If a train has “auto spaced” then runs into stop signal or a full unload/load, now you have a late train for no reason that slows down the entire line.  Get your trains under control with signals.  Correctly placed signals will have your trains run like clockwork.  Isn’t track control part of the fun of creating a complex rail network?

I’m pretty sure it is advertised and I just did a test that 100% confirms train auto spacing – easy to test on a simple 2 track line and stations in middle of nowhere so no un/loading – put signals everywhere TTD style then release 2 trains at the same time from same depot and wait. You can see the second train wait longer for no reason (auto-spacing) in a station until they are perfectly separated and then perpetually pull into the stations at each end at the same time. The long un/loading times coupled with chaotic passenger arrival at real stops screws this up.

Therefore back to my original point there is a bug where auto-spacing paired with the un/loading times you get the unexpected behaviour of the auto-spacing not working at all.

I’m very well aware of how to space trains with signals, I’m not someone who plops them every train length TTD style, but sometimes it is not possible if lines share tracks as you cannot space one line without a knock on effect on the other as all the trains obey the same signals. That knock on effect is undesirable if my spacing on one line delays another – yes I can build more tracks but that’s a silly solution if they’re both same priority trains – I want the train to space while waiting in it’s platform as devs intended.