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False. Your post was this:

@Person012345 to solve your traffic issues have you covered the suburbs with bus routes to give the sims an alternative to driving. The routes will probably lose money but will keep cars off the road, feed the sims that use those routes to increase train profit and free up your main bus routes from traffic. I don’t think people grasp this point – the heavy traffic means your transport network is not good enough and introduces a challenge late in the game if you don’t develop mid game properly.  It is a part of the game and not a bug – and can be managed with proper city bus coverage.

You’re trying to say the only reason I’d have traffic is because I’m not playing properly. This simply isn’t the case and “delete the roads between towns” is not an acceptable alternative to the traffic simulation working properly. The traffic issues are something that a potential buyer should be aware of. They don’t occur because of legitimately inadequate service, they occur because the traffic flow is broken.

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