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I’ll say the game is worth purchasing if you really into trains and want a little economy accompany it. I don’t know why people say the game is full of bugs, because I don’t experience any bugs. Everything is working as it should. I’d rather say the game lack features, needed features for the simplest tasks, but workarounds are available. Building roads over rails is an example of a feature missing. The finance lack some charts and more detailed information, missing feature. Rail crossing, missing feature. Robots at intersections, missing feature and so on.

I see this game as my own little model railroad and like messing with it, because this is a sandbox. You try what you can and build some awesome and complex rail layouts and at the same time make it economically feasible.

If you want additional features like extra loco’s, wagons, stations, depots, gameplay features, cargo features, etc. You must go to

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