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I have to admit that I was initially hoping that this game would be the next Open TTD. In that respect, I am a bit disappointed because, at the moment, it falls very short of the mark.

However, the fact the devs are continually improving the game and that they seem to actually listen to the community in regard to suggestions gives this game great potential.

The game is very playable, up to a point. Certain features do break the game a bit, like poor performance in the later years, ridiculously high running costs and no auto-replace feature for old vehicles. Some of these issues can be remedied by modding, but the average person shouldn’t need to mod the game to make it playable.

As previously mentioned, the devs are very active in fixing these shortcomings and when they do, I would probably highly recommend this game.

Having said that, I have spent about 170 hours in this game and have actually enjoyed playing it, even with its shortcomings. So, I guess if you want a model railroad builder, get this game. If you want an extremely realistic, well planned and thought out transport sim, wait until the problems have been addressed, which will eventually happen. Also, if you see it on sale, even before the problems are fixed, I’d recommend getting it then.