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There is an easy option for those who cant find proper train route, but ruin the game by disbalance mode? … well., there is also a mode which have positive maintenance. So you just buy 100 engines leave it in depo and you get tons of money steady.

However, the cargo trains are insanely profitable. I play only small maps due to performance issue, … currently have about 15  trains, 200cars&trams. Anuall income about 30M. Where 20M comes from 4 cargo trains. Its medium difficulty mountain map.

The game has a steam sticker “casual” its mistake. It has quite deep gameplay. Its has a steep lerning curve, and lack of a guides so you could have a feeling the game is unplayable. Consider it as an old school-hard core game, you need to find out how does it work first, then play 🙂

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