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Most of the above is something that can be worked around. Timetables for example, I’ve found a good layout with good spacing of signals means the trains end up running at a reasonable interval. However, the game is TERRIBLY bugged, the biggest problem¬†is the performance issue. Once you get to grips with what this game is about and what it can do, even the most powerful machine will struggle to cope. I have an i7 CPU with 4GB of RAM and an ATI Radeon HD 6950 card which I built specifically as a gaming PC. It copes easily with high resource programs such as FarCry, Crysis, etc. as well as easily running MS Flight simulator and Train Simulator 2015 with all the settings on max. Train Fever though seems to have a major performance flaw right now, as soon as you get half way successful, it becomes a frustrating slideshow. Even when paused, it seems to have trouble, making fiddly things such as track laying and station placement VERY frustrating!

You must bear in mind that this has been produced by a small ‘indi’ developer though on a tight budget and that the game itself is still relatively new so hopefully it can be fixed. I MEAN hopefully as well because at its core is a GREAT game, anyone who like simulation and / or railways will enjoy it a great deal, whether you buy it now or not depends on your budget right now. We are promised as patch in the new year and there are modders releasing new content almost daily.