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If I can offer some help / advise on the above,

1. Yes you CAN have more than one raw material serve one goods producer, like oil to a refinery, wood to sawmill etc. I have a game saved right now that does exactly that with two oil wells serving a common refinery, I guess its all down to in game demand and other weird stuff behind the scenes.

2. Signals are EASY once you understand the basics. Simply put, a signal’s JOB is to show whether the path ahead is clear or not. It will only indicate upto the next station or signal, this is worth remembering if you have a long stretch of double track, put extra signals both ways along the line so a train doesn’t wait for another many miles ahead to clear.

3. People using trains. I can only assume you are making a line too long or something because I have ALWAYS found that in the long run, passenger traffic is by far the biggest cash generator. My only thoughts are this, choose towns that are being supplied by goods as well, a town with a dead economy will not need a passenger line!

4. Roads on tracks is a pain sometimes but you can still delete the section of line, place the road, then re draw the line over it. Yeeeeess, it should work both ways but ho-hum, early days…..

5. Auto renue. I’m not a fan of this idea, I like the fact the I make the  choice when to upgrade stock or vehicles. What is a pain is the current way of doing it, ie, you loose the goods they are carrying unless you wait the entire trip until they are empty. There should be a ‘return to depot AFTER dropping off goods/passenger’ option.