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I see the nay-sayers are already here 😛

Mmky. The game is a worthy purchase. Half of it comes from the fact that it has no competition, half of it comes from being pretty goddamn fun.

However, it requires quite abit of fine tuning to get it working. What you get out of the box is pretty much unplayable.

The most glaring issues are:

1. Performance. Even quite beefy machines have problems in keeping good FPS. In extreme cases games become so choppy that it becomes unplayable. I keep myself to small maps because of this.

2. Balance of the base game is totally wonky. Trains, especially late game, are waaaay to expensive to run.

3. There are some usability issues. Some interfaces are clumsy, some will suprrise you or will not work correctly.

4. Some features are missing, like some track combinations or more user friendly vehicle management.

However, once you iron out the issues, the game is pretty damn fun to play. I am on my 80th hour so far, and I think I will burn a few more on this.

It all boils down to the fact that the game was made by rookie programmers and designers. But it gets a steady stream of updates, so I think you can give them some benefit of the doubt.

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