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I’d have to agree with Morat.


You know that saying ”The grass is always greener on the other side”?

Well, T-F’s grass looks like an accident with nuclear waste. It’s so green.


But actually, for now, the scenery and the AI are my only points of critism. The grass is too green and the world looks very empty. It’d be nice if they added farms or such, they don’t need to be functional (they could be in the future), but just make the scenery less dead.

Right now it’s toxic green grass, fields and occasionaly a tree.


And the AI is just a bit… Yeah… The cars seem to hate each other, and I can already see that they’ll cause massive traffic jams. I think the reason for that is that they just want to move up the intersection, instead of wait ’til it’s clear. And they don’t seem to come to a complete stop, making it even worse.


Oh well, everything in its own time… I’d love to see what the team’s going to do with it.