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Not signed.

It’s a game.  Play it.
Is it perfect?  Not by a long shot.  Improvements?  Sure.  But what game doesn’t need improvements?

No one said it’s a ‘sandbox’ game- read the overview on the main page.  It’s a ‘simulation’.  You can’t do whatever you want.  If there’s 3 buildings in the way of where you want to build a track  then it’s your job to decide on an alternative route… or decide to destroy the buildings yourself.   If you messed up and all the track sections don’t connect, then it’s your job to fix it.  It’s not the game’s job to provide you with options- it’s your job to come up with options that work.

You may think the game is “hard to use for mortal-humans”, and I agree it is challenging, but not near as hard as some railroad/transportation simulations are!