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I don’t think we are being ignored at all.  I believe that the developers are listening to our comments and making improvements.

I agree that the road building restrictions don’t appeal to me at all.  I want to build my track right through buildings and roads and stuff.  Automatic demolition and the ability for the town to rebuild the roads and building would be more desirable.

The depot doors?  Well it’s not the most important improvement especially when we badly need new track configurations (like level “X” track crossings) and new signals.  But improved animation makes the game look more modern.  I like the new gated road crossing and open hopper and stake car animations.  I would really like to see the industries come alive and do some fun things.  They are very beta looking.

But I think they are listening and working to make this game even better.  The best example is the new vehicle replacement feature which has really changed the game for me.

I’m sure there is more progress coming.  I find the game more fun to play after each update.