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Thanks, gents.

Sure i have a bus and tram line connecting the train station with the city ( see my OP ) but the strange thing is that nobody wants to get on it… Nore on the bus, nore on the tram… Let alone the train….

I have 3 booming cities with often more than 100 pax waiting on the train station platforms. City trams are very popular, buses, for some strange reason, are not. Industries and cargo lines all top notch.

Tought i’d expand with 2 more cities. They are just about on the other side of the map compared to my 3 booming cities. So i setup a seperate line that runs from the last of the 3 cities ( so people at this last city can travel either to the 2 ‘booming’ cities or to the 2 ‘new’ cities, atleast that sounded sensible to me… ) to the 2 ‘new’ cities. Made that a single electrified line.

The ‘last’ city had a single track station, i demolished that and put back a double track station. The second track serves the platform for the 2 ‘new’ cities. The train to the 2 new cities runs perfectly well. I created passing sidings just in case the line would be as succesfull as the first one so i could enter a second or third train.  The 2 new cities’ industries run well, have seperate lines for iron ore and oil trains running too. Cities are slowy growing but still nobody wants to get on the d*mn train! *&^%$!%!!

I have setup a perfectly running 3 cities passenger train connection. Now i have setup a second line just like the first one and it just won’t work !???… Already for 40 years now…

Btw, thanks for the info Azrael, that’s good to know, atleast one thing to rule out…  😉

@ doc0c :  you might have a good point there,  about the distance….  The 3 ‘booming towns’ are relatively quite close to one another where this 2 new cities are not…

Forget about connecting the ‘last’ city to the 2 new cities and just connect these 2 new cities to eachother ?  (possibly with another more or less nearby city to connect too )

So, in a way, it’s not exactly the meaning to, in the end, connect each city of the entire map with eachother ?

Thanks much for the feedback !