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“I sometimes just remove the left-side stops to prevent this. But this is not always desirable if you have a 2nd line running the other way passing the same stop.”

my problem with that solution is that i may have 4 or more tramlines going trough that grouped stop, so ungrouping does hurt aswell..


“The turning trams may cause gridlocks and drop the freq. of the line dramatically.”

thats how i found out about that issue.. had a line in years, that i switched due to age, so i let all new trams go at once.. then at a stop,  the trams did the 180 degrees turn, and after the 4 tram i had a complet lock..

maybe i woulndt even have noticed it, if it would not have been my major route to the trainstop, so after a while, all trams from that city where stuck there..  took me a good while to just unlock anything, and figure out at all, what the reason was..

since then, i do random checks of routes, and if i find a screwed one, ill check all routes of that city, till i cant find any loops/ turns anymore… takes ages, and happens every now and then again.