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Interesting research. The game has great idea, it finded a hole on the market, but it lucks professional delivery. Nice terrain engine, interesting simulation rules. However, the graphic engine is poor. Simulation engine doesnt use multithreading. Maby use Unreal/Cry/Unity whatever big engine will improve the visual quality, optimize HW stress and bring network support, multiplayer and so on. I consider Train fever as a student project which comes to live.

Well, regarding your performance issue. I run it on the notebook. 4core, Intel graphic + 4GRAM. Have small map, 6 cityes per 700people in 1950. It chokes over the cities but still playable. Have about 15 trains and heap of cars (200 ?), 500M in bank.

Try small maps, looks like the game has main issue in people handling. Without any auto-replacement or set-able management AI who would micro-fidling for you, large maps are pain anyway.


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