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-Even without the people the CPU still have to solve every one citizen’s move. That is the bottleneck.

I’m pretty sure that’s false. I usually get laggs when i zoom into the city, or zoom out far enough for screen to capture 2 cities simultaneously.

If i zoom in any other area, like a train track by the field,  i have stable frames per second, which means that graphic rendering is the issue, not CPU. If CPU was bottlenecking calculation those couple thosand people paths, game would lag regardless of me zooming into the city or zooming into a field, because these calculations have to be run non-stop.

My thought is also confirmed by the “error description”, when I CTD: “graphics rendering timeout limitation error”.

But i’m not sure if it’s the citizents causing these problems. Maybe it’s my busses or cars. Will test this mod to see if it’s any improvement