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Hmm, seems legit somehow, but I think that it is not only rendering what causes lags. In the very beginning of the game, the performance is great, no lags no matter what I am looking at (city, empty mountains…). As the time goes by and cities grow, I am losing FPS particularly when scrolling, moving etc. over the cities, but also over the empty places there is a significant framerate drop (but not so big as over the cities). So not only rendering and thus GPU insufficiency is the problem.

Definitely it is not because of our own traffic, I tried to start a map and run 50 trains at once immediately and did not experience a drop of FPS before and then (very little).

The cars of citizens also don´t slow the game down, find two cities with the most rush road between and bulldoze a piece of that road. All cars disappear but performance remains the same.